Best Deals Hotel in Tokyo

Tokyo (東京, Tōkyō) is Japan’s capital and the world’s most populous metropolis. It is also one of Japan’s 47 prefectures, consisting of 23 central city wards and multiple cities, towns and villages west of the city center. The Izu and Ogasawara Islands are also part of Tokyo.

Prior to 1868, Tokyo was known as Edo. A small castle town in the 16th century, Edo became Japan’s political center in 1603 when Tokugawa Ieyasu established his feudal government there. A few decades later, Edo had grown into one of the world’s most populous cities. With the Meiji Restoration of 1868, the emperor and capital moved from Kyoto to Edo, which was renamed Tokyo (“Eastern Capital”). Large parts of Tokyo were destroyed in the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 and in the air raids of 1945.

Today, Tokyo offers a seemingly unlimited choice of shopping, entertainment, culture and dining to its visitors. The city’s history can be appreciated in districts such as Asakusa and in many excellent museums, historic temples and gardens. Contrary to common perception, Tokyo also offers a number of attractive green spaces in the city center and within relatively short train rides at its outskirts.

Best Deals Hotel in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is located in the southern portion of the Guangdong Province, on the eastern shore of the Pearl River Delta. Neighboring the Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong, Shenzhen’s location gives it a geographical advantage for economic development. In 1980, the first Special Economic Zone of China was built in this city. From then on, the city become a highlight of China, one known for its rapid economic growth.

More than thirty years ago, it just was a small fishing village called Bao’an County. In 1979, it was renamed Shenzhen City. When the Special Economic Zone was built, the city was divided into six zones, four of which are located in the Special Economic Zone.

Each year, more and more people come to Shenzhen to try to find employment. As a result, the city has become increasingly crowded. The local government has recently made city-wide environmental improvements in an effort to combat problems caused by overpopulation. In recognition for these improvements, the city was awarded the Garden City Award in 2000.

H&M to launch new ‘more upmarket’ fashion brand in London

Swedish fashion company H&M will launch its eighth fashion brand later this year, with the first outlet opening in London this autumn.

The new brand, Arket, will provide “simple, timeless and functional designs” including clothes for adults and children, and household products.

It will sit in a slightly higher price segment than the main H&M brand.

The move comes as competition online and on the High Street is squeezing profits at the fashion giant.

After London, more Arket stores will follow in Brussels, Copenhagen and Munich, and the new brand will be launched online.

The new stores will also stock external brands, and some outlets will include a cafe offering Scandinavian-style food.


Bernadette Kissane, apparel and footwear analyst at Euromonitor International, said on paper the plan looked “promising”.

“The company’s results have been falling short of expectations recently, consistently outpaced by key rival Inditex,” she said.

“Rather than adopt a faster sourcing strategy to compete, the company has opted to introduce new brand Arket to effectively cater to shifts in consumer behaviour.”

H&M already operates a range of High Street brands including Cos, & Other Stories, Monki, Weekday and Cheap Monday. But the firm said market conditions were difficult for fashion retailers as digitisation is changing both shoppers’ behaviour and the way fashion companies operate.


‘Tough conditions’

H&M pioneered fast fashion alongside Zara’s owner Inditex. But Inditex has overtaken H&M in recent years to become the world’s largest fashion retailer.

The company’s profits are also being squeezed by online competition from retailers such as Asos, which offer a fast turnover of fashion styles in response to customer demand.

“Retail is going through a challenging period of change in which customers’ shopping behaviour and expectations are changing at a fast pace as a result of growing digitalisation,” said H&M’s chief executive Karl-Johan Persson in a statement accompanying the firm’s latest financial results.

“For fashion retail in general, market conditions were very tough in many of our large markets in central and southern Europe and in the US, and this was reflected in our sales,” he added.

H&M reported a 3.4% drop in net profit to 2.45bn kronor ($275m; £220m) for the December to February period, the first quarter of the company’s financial year.

Best Deals Hotel in Dubai

Dubai is one of the few cities in the Middle East that are very open to welcoming tourists. However, it must be noted that with the allowance comes the responsibility to be sensitive to the Islamic ways that are dominant and respected in Dubai. It is one of the seven municipalities comprising the United Arab Emirates. Situated in the east of the Arabian Peninsula and southwest of the Arabian Gulf, the city, is most celebrated for its constant sunshine, stunning coastline, and vast deserts, among others.

Dubai takes pride of its good enforcement of law and order all throughout the city. Visitors will feel safe and secure while exploring the area at any given the time of day. Ultimately, although Dubai is considered as a safe travel destination, it is still imperative to be cautious of yourself, your belongings and the surroundings. The city is solo traveller-friendly as much as it is family-friendly, you can also check about different Dubai Holidays from reputable travel agencies. Also, the municipality is very strict with regards to community regulations, especially with food handlers’ hygiene and overall food safety. So you’re all good!

Best Deals Hotel in Yokohama

It is a city which is extremely close to Tokyo, yet it seems to get overlooked by many tourists – this is of course the beautiful port city of Yokohama. A mere 30 minutes from Tokyo by normal train, and just 18 minutes by shinkansen to Shin-Yokohama, it is extremely convenient to get to and makes an amazing day trip. It is a destination which is included in the JR Rail Pass, the JR Tokyo Wide Pass and even the N’EX Round Trip Ticket!

Although we can demonstrate how easy it is to get to Yokohama, you might be wondering “but what is Yokohama?” Originally it was a small fishing village, but when Japan reopened to the world after a period of national isolation it became one of the first ports which allowed foreign trade. From these humble beginnings it quickly grew with foreigners settling in the Kannai area, and for this reason Yokohama became the first place in Japan for Western fashion to become popular, for an English language newspaper to be published and more. In recent decades the population has grown to nearly four million and even today it remains a bustling port – the second busiest in Japan and in the top fifty largest seaports in the world.
In order for you to enjoy the best aspects of this cool city we have created a kind of itinerary, or map, of the top ten things you must do in Yokohama to make your trip a real success.

Best Deals Hotel in Dongguan Tiongkok

After an economic slump lasting years, Dongguan – the home of ‘Made in China’ – is reinventing itself as a robotics base

This month Dongguan, in the heart of the Pearl River Delta economic zone of south China, is transformed from a city of migrants into a city of ghosts.

The Chinese New Year holiday marks the start of the biggest annual human migration on the planet. During the Spring Festival travel rush – or Chunyunin Mandarin – which runs from 1 February to 12 March 2018, it’s estimated that Chinese returning to their home towns for family reunions will make 2.98 billion trips. According to China’s National Development and Reform Commission, in total, 2.48 billion road trips, 390 million rail trips, 65 million air trips and 46 million boat trips are expected to be made over the 40-day period. Nowhere is this large-scale migration likely to be more evident than in Dongguan, an industrial city in central Guangdong province.

Dongguan is sometimes called “the world’s factory” due to its prosperous manufacturing industry, and some 75% of its 8.34m population are migrant workers who return home during the festive period, leaving the city nearly deserted. According to Qihoo 360 Technology, a big data and software giant, last year Dongguan was the country’s most empty city during the holiday. The company’s “ghost city index”, compiled by tracking the locations of its users during the Chinese New Year travel rush, saw Dongguan ranked first, as almost 70% of its population left town during the holiday.

Workers at Dongguan’s Huajian shoe factory.
 Workers at Dongguan’s Huajian shoe factory. Photograph: Greg Baker/AFP/Getty Images

From the mid-1980s, Dongguan was China’s leading export and manufacturing base, a hothouse for churning out cheap clothes, toys and shoes bearing the ubiquitous “Made in China” label. The city was hit hard when exports dried up in the wake of the global financial crisis in 2008, and suffered a slump. Today, with the help of economic input from various levels of government, it is transitioning into a smart manufacturing base focused on producing hi-tech robotics and automated equipment, in the hope that the boom times will return.

Best Deal Hotel in Yogyakarta


Yogyakarta is the best place to visit. When there is a visitors come to Jogja, I want to guide them to visit the best three famous tourism place in Yogyakarta. There are three famous exiciting place to visit which is Sundak beach, Merapi mountain and Pelemadu village. First, I want to show them about Sundak beach because it’s a beautiful beach with white sand elaborated with coral reef so we can run around the beach, and after that enter the cave because there is a spring inside the cave. The history of the name of Sundak itself is very unique because it is come from the words “asu” (dog) and “landak” (sea urchin). The facilities in Sundak beach is so complete because there are serve mini-resort and off-road circuits. Existing facilities at both the beach is quite complete as ample parking, viewing post, restaurants, entertainment stage, and mosques. If the visitors are hobby to camping, they also can be camping on the Sundak beach and enjoy the night there. The visitors can put up the tent or just lying on the bench of food sellers that are not used at night. We can enjoy the breeze of the night wind while ordering fresh fish to be grilled together with the visitors. If we feel that the weather too cold, we can buy the firewood just with pay some thousands Rupiah. If the visitors want to reluctant to do so, just order ready-to-eat grilled fish. Darkness can sometimes be more enjoyable than brightness.

Second, Mount merapi because merapi have important meaning for Yogyakarta history, its very closed related to the myths, belief and philosophy of Jogjakarta people especially people who live around the merapi mountain. It’s illustrated by an imaginary line connecting Mount merapi and south sea with Jogjakarta downtown as the central point. There is also a myth about merapi being a kingdom of spirit. People who live around merapi believe that this mountain kept by Kiai Sapujagad, prime minister of Islamic mataram Sultante during the reign of Panembahan Senopati, the first sultan. They also believe that mount merapi will not harm anyone as long as they always keep, respect and value Merapi as a living entity that is also created by God so as the consequence, local peole have to do ceremonies, such as Sedekah gunung (giving somenthing to the mountain), Selamatan (ceremonies contain of hoping all the people will be save), Labuhan which is held anually by Kingdom of Yogyakarta so the people use javanese dress like blangkon and beskap (for man) also kebaya and gelung (for woman), it’s a very unique ceremonies that the visitors can’t found in their own country so i will show them this ceremonies. Moreover, the visitors can meet and greet to Mbah Marijan, the custodian of Merapi. If the visitors like to climb the mountain, it’s okay if they want to do it, because it’s clearly challenge for them because it’s not like other climbing track. It’s a rocky, steep and prone to landslide tranck along the way. Especially if closing to Garuda peak, climbers must be extra careful as they are stepping on the rocks because they often slide, likely to result in a fatal accident. Not just ceremony and sensation of climbing but also when we go to the south valley, there is Kinaharjo village which is also the starting point of the south climbing route. In this village, visitorss can enjoy the beauty natural scenery and visit the seven springs , they also can go to natural conservation wth cool air and breathtaking scenery such as Kaliurang, kalikuning, kaliadem, and merapi volcano national park. How beautiful jogjakarta. I am so proud live there.

Third, is Pelemadu village. Pelemadu village sits in Bantul regency, D.I Yogyakarta Province near Sungapan and Gondosuli village. The special things of Pelemadu village is the biggest rempeyek production in Yogyakarta. Rempeyek is the original food from Indonesia but why the function of this village very important beside rempeyek can support their economy life but also they can promote rempeyek food as Indonesia food because rempeyek also claimed by Malaysia country as they original food. if the visitors come here, i want to show them and they also can practice how the way to produce rempeyek from explanation about the material to make a rempeyek, how to fried rempeyek, packing rempeyek, distribute rempeyek around yogyakarta, of course also taste the rempeyek and bring the rempeyek go home to their own country. The scenery in this village also very beautiful, they can take a picture with mbok-mbok rempeyek but also can take a picture with farmer because in this village, they can see a lot of rice field, the special things they can take a picture with banana tree because in their own country they cannot find a banana tree as the symbol of tropical country. If the visitors want it, interact with local people can be valuable enlightenment. The visitors can understand how people live their lives, their culture, and they might change their life point of view about Indonesia because Indonesia not just famous as terrorism country but also the true of Indonesia is warm and friendly country with people who love to smile.

Renovation in Older Homes

Contact us to get a rough estimate of the cost you can expect to replace or flooring with new laminate flooring or install new ones in your new home. Laminate flooring is a more affordable option in place of hardwood flooring that can cost almost ten times the cost of laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is light, durable and can be made to resemble many different types of expensive flooring such as hardwood, ceramic or even natural stone.

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Finishing Window Threatment on Skyscrapers

Whether you know exactly how you want your new home to be or just looking for new ideas to build your new house, Bolts offers priceless resources to help bring those ideas to life in a seamless manner. This is especially important if you are looking to move forward the norms and the traditional homes and looking to build a new and custom-tailored home for yourself and your family.

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Plumbing and Sewer Installation

Metal Roofing Bolts offer you the best in metal roofing services, supplies and materials to help protect one of your biggest investments you will ever make, your home. There is no better way to protect your home than the installation of a quality roof over your head. At Bolts, we are professionally installing metal roofs for over five decades. Properly installed roofing system will ensure that your eaves, walls, furniture.

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