Best Deals Hotel in Yokohama

It is a city which is extremely close to Tokyo, yet it seems to get overlooked by many tourists – this is of course the beautiful port city of Yokohama. A mere 30 minutes from Tokyo by normal train, and just 18 minutes by shinkansen to Shin-Yokohama, it is extremely convenient to get to and makes an amazing day trip. It is a destination which is included in the JR Rail Pass, the JR Tokyo Wide Pass and even the N’EX Round Trip Ticket!

Although we can demonstrate how easy it is to get to Yokohama, you might be wondering “but what is Yokohama?” Originally it was a small fishing village, but when Japan reopened to the world after a period of national isolation it became one of the first ports which allowed foreign trade. From these humble beginnings it quickly grew with foreigners settling in the Kannai area, and for this reason Yokohama became the first place in Japan for Western fashion to become popular, for an English language newspaper to be published and more. In recent decades the population has grown to nearly four million and even today it remains a bustling port – the second busiest in Japan and in the top fifty largest seaports in the world.
In order for you to enjoy the best aspects of this cool city we have created a kind of itinerary, or map, of the top ten things you must do in Yokohama to make your trip a real success.


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